11 Nisan 2023


Purpose of Course

For centuries, people have felt the need to record the events they experienced. Early civilizations recorded these events by drawing on walls, tablets, or papyrus. With the subsequent societies inventing paper, the need to keep and protect these papers emerged. Thus, a new branch of art, bookbinding, was born. As civilizations developed, the art of bookbinding has continued to evolve and has reached the present day. The goal of this course is to familiarize students with the history and theoretical aspects of Islamic bookbinding. At the end of the course, students will recognize various types of bookbinding and will be able to produce modern and classical Turkish bookbinding.    


Content of Course

·         History  of Islamic bookbinding

·         The anatomy and essential parts of a traditional Turkish bookbinding

·         The introduction and use of materials

·         Recognizing the various types of papers and learning how to use them

·         Learning the basics on how to produce simple bookbinding (a hardcover cloth bound book)

·          Understanding the differences/similarities between traditional and modern bookbinding

·         Learning the basics on how to produce traditional Turkish bookbinding (a hardcover leather-bound book)


Requirements and Qualifications 

Anyone interested in bookbinding

Certification after completing the course

Attendants are given Achievement and Participation Certificate after completing the course

Place of Course

FSMVÜ GSF Gulhane Campus

Course Duration and Day

4 months, once a week, 4 hours

Saturday 14.00 - 18.00

Date of Course


Course Fee

3000 TL

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